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Data Export and Confusing Results

Hi all - trying to understand a couple of things ...


First, I know I can run "show ap database long" from the WLC CLI and this returns all APs, whether up or down, that have been registered on the controller. But is there a way of getting that same list as a single continuous feed - i.e no pausing for each page and a press of teh space bar?


Secondly, and more importantly here I'm trying to udnerstand the numbers I see.


So, show ap databse long shows:

Total APs:



Airwave shows:

2248 UP

  128 Down  

= total of: 2376


So first question here is why the discrepancy? What am I not seeing or understanding please?


Next question surrounds our databasing / monitoring tool which I know you won't necessarily know or have used but am after suggestions as to why I'm seeing another discrepancy in the totals.

So, we currently use WhatsConnected and a poll (scan) of the WLC's returns a total of: 2364 which doesn't match either the Airwave or the WLC numbers. Any thoughts as to what it might be seeing? My understanding is that this tool only "sees" devices that are up so I'd expect it to report the same as Airwave's UP figure.


Any thoughts please?

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Re: Data Export and Confusing Results

"no paging" would make the output continuous:


In Airwave, you are free to delete, hide and remove devices.  In the controller, you can also remove down devices, so there is chance for discrepancy between Airwave and the controller.

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Re: Data Export and Confusing Results

To update the first part of my query ...


no paging' turns off the pause but it still dumps this between each 'screenful':


Flags: U = Unprovisioned; N = Duplicate name; G = No such group; L = Unlicensed
I = Inactive; D = Dirty or no config; E = Regulatory Domain Mismatch
X = Maintenance Mode; P = PPPoE AP; B = Built-in AP; s = LACP striping
R = Remote AP; R- = Remote AP requires Auth; C = Cellular RAP;
c = CERT-based RAP; 1 = 802.1x authenticated AP; 2 = Using IKE version 2
u = Custom-Cert RAP; S = Standby-mode AP; J = USB cert at AP
i = Indoor; o = Outdoor
M = Mesh node; Y = Mesh Recovery


So a better first question: how do I export a clean list of just the APs without any additional junk? I've bene using putty's built in logging to capture the output.

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Re: Data Export and Confusing Results

Thanks and I discovered that right after posting - but it still leaves a "mess" in the output.

As to discrepenacies - sorry but your answer doesn't help me understand what I'm seeing and how to reconcile what I'm seieng.

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