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Deleting multiple but not all down APs from AirWave



I tried searching whether my question had already been asked and answered but I didn't find anything matching my problem.


Our AirWave has ended up in partly stale state. There are over 100 APs that AirWave knows and rightfully has marked them being down because the APs are no longer in use. I would like to remove the no longer used APs from AirWave but also I would like the ones that are in use but down for some other to remain monitored by AirWave.


Is there a way to feed a list of APs to AirWave and tell it to remove all the information relating to the APs? I would like to avoid touching the database directly. The scripts provided with AirWave don't appear have solution to my problem.


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Re: Deleting multiple but not all down APs from AirWave

Why don't you click on the down number on top of airwave and click on "Expand Folders to show all APs and devices".  That will show all down APs.


Next, you should create a new view by clicking on the Down Symbol:

Screenshot 2016-09-01 at 08.10.14.png

Name the view and add a column for "Last Contacted":

Screenshot 2016-09-01 at 08.07.51.png

After you apply that view, sort by the "last contacted" column to see what APs have been down the longest:

Screenshot 2016-09-01 at 08.08.25.png

Click on the "Pencil" to select APs and change the dropdown to delete devices:

Screenshot 2016-09-01 at 08.13.31.png

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Re: Deleting multiple but not all down APs from AirWave



Thanks for the tip. That was a method I haven't tried. Unfortunately, our situation is uglier. There are APs that have been down for longer time but they still have an IP address in our DNS. Therefore I don't want to remove them. I'd like to remove only those APs that haven taken permanently offline. Is it so, that there is only manual way by clicking from the web interface and I cannot (easily) automate the removal?


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