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Device Configuration Unknown (Airwave)

Hello everyone,


I have recently received help on getting our Airwave server going which I appreciate. After adding a few of the IAPs to the server in the Instant portal some APs came up as "Good" under the configuration tab. We added a few more sites that have more devices and the configuration is coming back as "Unknown" now there are more Unknown devices than there are good. Is there a fix for this? Is this a time issue since there are more devices?


Thanks for the assistance in advance

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Re: Device Configuration Unknown (Airwave)

My mistake. I thought this was calling out switches. I am having this problem with Switches. Not IAPs.

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Re: Device Configuration Unknown (Airwave)

For unknown status, generally is airwave can't fetch iap configurations.

Please check:

1 airwave and IAP link.

2 Whether exist firewall with iap and airwave.

3 if have firewall, whether open port 443.

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