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Ethernet speed for groups

Hello! Absolute noob posting here but I've done some gigabit upgrades to a site that previously was reported to have the majority of APs running at 100 Mb. Is there a way I can see the ethernet link status of an entire group of APs? I know I can do one but instead of typing away at each one I would like a full summary of link speeds.


Thanks in advance.

Re: Ethernet speed for groups

Hey, there is no command to my knowledge as such to show the interface speeds for a specific ap-group. You would need to need to run the command individually (or a bit of cut and paste!). Do you have access to the switch, I expect you can probably get this information from there.


Failing that the quickest command to view the speed of an individual AP is below.


(Lab620) #show ap port status ap-name AM-xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

AP "AM-d8:c7:c8:ce:c3:0c" Port Status (updated every 60 seconds)
Port  MAC                Type  Forward Mode  Admin    Oper  Speed   Duplex  802.3az  PoE  STP  TX-Packets  TX-Bytes  RX-Packets  RX-Bytes
----  ---                ----  ------------  -----    ----  -----   ------  -------  ---  ---  ----------  --------  ----------  --------
0     xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
  GE    N/A           enabled  up    1 Gb/s  full    N/A      N/A  N/A  633         121930    1763        186373

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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