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Export device configuration from Airwave

HI All,


Does anybody have any secret tricks to exporting configurations from Airwave either from GUI or CLI?


I'd like to extract copies of all my archived device configurations for reference and was hoping they are somewhere easy to find.






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Re: Export device configuration from Airwave

There is no direct way which i know but the below steps works for me.


# db
  => \a
  => \o /tmp/running-config
  => select value from device_config where timestamp = <some epoch timestamp> and ap_id = <controller_id> and name = 'config_template';
  => \q
The config of device with ID mentioned in the query will be exported into a file ( running-config) under the temp directory.
This however is not a flash backup sort file, its just the configuration in text format ( a template is a better word)

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