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Extremely basic template for auditing

I'd like to create a template that looks for a single AAA profile with static information.  Something like:


----begin template

aaa profile "wifi-aaa_prof"
authentication-dot1x "dot1x_prof-bna32"
dot1x-default-role "authenticated"
dot1x-server-group "wifi_srvgrp-slc59"

----end template


All I want Airwave to audit against is the above section, and all other configuration line items can be ignored.  After creating the template above and applying to a group, then auditing the current versus desired config, I get a mismatch which is shown as below:


Actual   aaa authentication captive-portal "Blah-cp_prof"


Actual   aaa authenticaiton captive-portal "Guest-cp_prof"


This is the only entry of "Desired" but there's nothing there.  I then modified the template to ONLY have 


----begin template

hostname %hostname%

----end template


Which seems like all I should be looking for is whether it has a hostname, right? Well, the same result occurs.  Has anyone else tried to do something like this, where you prune out a majority of a config and only look for one specific section?

Am I doing this completely wrong, or is this some sort of bug?


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