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Finding devices using streaming sources...

Hi there, one of our customers is facing problems that their bandwith capacity sometimes is not good - their IT party analyzed their Firewall and they say:

- on the LAN, we see most traffic coming from the fixed LAN IP that the Aruba AP has.  The AP does NAT for the underlying networks.
This is most likely the guest network but is not sure to say as we do it
However, from the NAT address session, Citrix is set up to Citrix, which means that there is a double NAT is applied. This can adversely affect the Citrix session and limit ours possibilities in the Netflow analysis. We do not see the real source of traffic anymore.



The Aruba WLAN provided two SSID's:

  1. Office (which is part of LAN so clients get LAN IP from dhcp)
  2. Guest (which is isolated virtual network, handled by the VC)


My quesiton, does the VC do NAT for the Guest SSID? If so, how to manage it won't do NAT? SO the IT party can anlyse further?

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Re: Finding devices using streaming sources...

You can setup a vlan for guest traffic on your network. Trunk that VLAN to all of your IAPs. Change the guest SSID to that VLAN and make it Network-Assigned instead of Virtual Controller assigned.

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