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Get "New Devices" API

As part of ArubaOS-Instant ZTP deployment, we would like to pull a list of "whitelisted" devices that have been authorized via CSV API upload or manually. These devices show up under "New Devices" as type=Whitelist Device.


Is there a way to retrieve this list via API? I don't see it in the docs and these whitelist devices are unfortunately not available via the other API search endpoints.

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Re: Get "New Devices" API

Hi, below url should give the new device list

https://<AMP IP>/api/list_view.json?list=ap_unauthed&fv_id=0

and specifically for 'Whitelist Device' in New devices, use the below API

https://<AMP IP>/api/list_view.json?list=ap_unauthed&fv_id=0&extra_filter=%7B%22type%22%3A%22480%22%7D


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Re: Get "New Devices" API

Worked beautifully!


I'm using AirWave 8.2.8 API Guide and I don't see this documented. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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Re: Get "New Devices" API

The API guide docuements the inbuilt API calls. This is not published API as it is not a direct API call. It is derived from the backend HTML call. 

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