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Groups vs Folder


we have master local controller setup with 50 AP as well we have 3 remote locations with 10 IAP per location.

Airwave is used for monitoring purpose only.


Can some one please explain where i can use Groups and Folders for my wireless setup.


Thank you..


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Re: Groups vs Folder

Groups are for configuration of devices that need to have the same configuration maintained.


Folders are for heirarchical reporting.


If you are not using Airwave for configuration, the group does not matter on the device, even though Airwave makes you set one..

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Re: Groups vs Folder


we are planning to manage Aruba controller from Airwave.

I guess in that case, i need create group for controllers and folder for AP.

Kindly correct me if i wrong.


Thank You..

Re: Groups vs Folder

Yes, you are right. Groups are configuration specific and Folders are mainly to identify the location.


So, since we would be managing the controller from Airwave we can have controllers with same config in one group and APs can be added to folders based on the location.

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Re: Groups vs Folder

If you want to manage the devices from Airwave, create group in Airwave and  make sure move the controllers with similar configuration in that group. In your case, if you have master-local controllre setup, place those two controllers in same group and import the master controller configuration on to Airwave, to make configuaration status Good for both master/local controller in Airwave.


All  APs you can place in same Group but you can create folders so that based on location of you APs you can create a folder with proper name and move those devices to that folder so that it will useful to filter APs based on location in Airwave and also will running reports and setting trigger conditons.




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