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HTML injection by time

Hello guys,


lets think about the following szenario: a guest is signing in to a network via a Self Registration Page on a Captive Portal. He finishes the login process and is continuing surfing via our ClearPass. After a while (maybe 30 minutes) an extra tab/window/popup appears with a survey, no matter wich site the guest is visiting right now. He can close the tab/window/popup and continue surfing, or he can participate in the survey.


Is this szenario feasible? And, if yes, do you have any idea how to realise it?


Thanks a lot :)


As a german native speaker, english is not my mother tongue. Please excuse any mistakes :)

Re: HTML injection by time

You can build such a thing by setting the Session Timeout for guests to 30 minutes, which will trigger a re-authentication. That will lead the users again to the captive portal login which can prompt the user to participate in the survey or just continue; think of it like a 'click to accept' page.


One thing to take into consideration is that the redirect will only work for HTTP (non-HTTPS) traffic. So if people are on https websites they will experience just connection lost. Also the captive-network tester for the Operating System (the thing that pops up the captive portal login page), will probably not work as there was already open connectivity.


What you could do is only redirect HTTP traffic, and exempt HTTPS (allow that through) so the page will only kick in on HTTP traffic/websites.


So, I think with some testing and the right roles/redirects on the controller (or Instant), this must be possible to create. Does this give you enough ideas to get started?

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Re: HTML injection by time

Thanks for the response and the information about the HTTPS traffic :)


Yes, i think this is something to work with. Thank you.

As a german native speaker, english is not my mother tongue. Please excuse any mistakes :)
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