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Heat Maps

I am creating a heat map in Airwave and just want to know about proposed placement of new AP's.  what is considered an OK dB?  is there a chart to associate dB with signal strength?


Re: Heat Maps

An ideal signal to target is -65 throughout the area (make sure this is on 5GHz....I usually remove 2.4GHz from the heatmap so not to misinterpret).   This will provide clients with a high quality link (barring other interferers) throughout.     You can levarage this VRD to help you along (it is for 802.11n, but still applicable).



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Re: Heat Maps

so lower the -dB the better (signal)?

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Re: Heat Maps

Well, technically no...


Since the values are negative, you want the number to be higher as far as value goes.


Think of it this way; the closer to 0dBm the better the signal


Take a look through this user guide, it's pretty usefull when starting out with VisualRF.

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