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Hi, Aruba 2000 AP

Dear support member,

I want to establish a one to one link between to two Aruba MSR2000 AP. I am using ANT 2x2 5314. I would like to establish the communication between both the radios of the APs such that R0 and R1 of AP1 will communicate with R0 and R1 of AP2 respectively. For this I have made the following settings of both the radios of both the APs using its  web server:


Under wireless settings----> Radios------>

1. Basic 

RadioMode/ChannelchStatusTx Power
 Radio 0

802.11na 20Mhz 149


 Radio 1

802.11na 40Mhz Minus 161





Radio Index0 
Auto WDS MeshingEnabled 
Max Allowed Links2 

3. Advance 


Radio Index0 
Max Neighbor Distance (m)1500[0..57000], and 0 for unset.
CTS ProtectionDisabled
Beacon Interval (ms)100[100..1000]
Preamble Modelong
Short GIEnabled

However even when both the radios of both the APs are "UP" only one of them get connected. But my application requires to have a simultaneous link between both the radios of the APs. 

Kindly suggest me on this .




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