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Hostname in Airwave incorrect?


Can anyone tell me why although my two controllers hostnames are different that Airwave picks them up and gives them the same hostname?


(BFS-AH-WLAN-1) #show hostname


Hostname is BFS-AH-WLAN-1


(BFS-AH-WLAN-2) #show hostname


Hostname is BFS-AH-WLAN-2


When you click into each one the serial info is unique and correct but the display name shows duplicate hostname:




This has happened on another site as well.


Re: Hostname in Airwave incorrect?

Does the hostnames show as same in Device list page? Does it show proper names in individual controller monitor pages? I am sure you have done manul poll to the controllers. One thing you could try is to change the hostname of Hostname is BFS-AH-WLAN-2 in controller manage page and poll the controlelr to see if the name reverts back to Hostname is BFS-AH-WLAN-1. If so, then the SNMP response from controller some how responding with wrong name. 


Re: Hostname in Airwave incorrect?

OK so I am not sure how I fixed this.

 I checked the port and SNMP information and amended it as it was incorrect.


Also I then added the Mobility Master 1 and 2 to Omnivista.


The names are displaying correctly this morning.  Not sure which fixed it but I don't mind as all is how it should be :) 


Thanks for your help!

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