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How GET snmp ap radio usage? (bps)



Customer want to develop their own dashboard.

They want to use SNMP to monitor each APs Radio usage.

He wants to display each APs Radio usage on dashboard like in a controllers Radio usage; Dashboard / Usage / Radios











How can we fill out the blank using SNMP?





1.Can we get the information from controller ?


  1. If not, how can we get the information from each AP?

* The Radio Usage unit is bps!


Let us know  how can we get these information using SNMP.


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Re: How GET snmp ap radio usage? (bps)

Please read the post here: on how to get information via SNMP from the controller for access points.


The controller itself must be polled, as the APs do not respond to SNMP.

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Re: How GET snmp ap radio usage? (bps)

I test this OID, wlanAPRadioRxRate and wlanAPRadioTxRate.


wlanAPRadioRxRate – .

wlanAPRadioTxRate – .


OID use.

wlanAPradioRxRate + AP MAC (DEC) + Radio Number(5Ghz : 1 , 2.4GHz : 2) 



the contents of the MIB Guide is like going on wrong.  (kiloByte/s -> Byte/s)


Please refer to the information that we have tested.


It seems to be "Byte / s".


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