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How can I generate a specific report about the AP-s connection history.

Hello Airheads!

I would like to monitor which mobile device is connected to which AP and when. If I understand then the match event exactly show me this information when I querying from an AP directly on Airwave GUI -> Device -> Select an AP -> Run Command / AP Client Match History. But this is give me a limited solution, because if I would like to see a full scope about a group of AP I have to query AP-s one by one. I think the system can to query all AP in same time.

I tried to create an AirWave report , but when the report is done it said No Data To Report. I dont have physical controller, every group has a Master AP which is control the others. AMON Data Collection is enabled but the Prefer AMON vs SNMP Polling is disabled.

My questions is:
Does AMON need to me for this task?

Does physical controller need to me for this task?

Is there any idea where to look for solution?

Thank you very much.



Re: How can I generate a specific report about the AP-s connection history.

Hello Yes,


You will need the controller and AP's added to Airwave and you should have Prefer AMON vs SNMP enabled, so we get more data and data is more frequent. 


Now you can run a report on client session, by selecting the respective AP's for that hour or day or any duration. the output will show the data you are looking for, basically, the client session's details for those respective devices you ran the report for.

-If you got what you need with my answer please give kudos and mark it as solution.
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