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How to deploy Cisco 5508 WLC using Airwave. Any guides or instructions?

I would like to use Airwave to deploy a new Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controller in a remote office. Are there any guides or instructions for new device deployment that would cover the 5508?  Thank you in advance for any help.

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Re: How to deploy Cisco 5508 WLC using Airwave. Any guides or instructions?

Go ahead and log into your Airwave appliance, navigate to Device Setup -> Add

Scroll until you find Cisco WLC and Click ADD>

Fill in the details below:



Once you select your group, you will wait for Airwave to poll the device or you can navigate directly to the device by going to the AP/Devices List page, select the appropriate folder, select device and click on Poll.




Re: How to deploy Cisco 5508 WLC using Airwave. Any guides or instructions?

If you're looking to deploy a new cisco controller, here are the things to consider:


1.  Is it the same type of controllers as others you're already monitoring/managing? (extend this question to firmware version as well)

2.  Are you planning to preconfigure it before adding into AirWave, or vice versa?

3.  Is the configuration for this controller going to be similar to that of my other controllers?


Depending on your answers to the above questions, here's a few possible scenarios:


1)  I've got other Cisco 5508 WLCs (all on same firmware) in a group 'WLCs'.  They are all in monitor only mode.  The configurations are all in a state where there's no mismatches in AirWave.  In this scenario, if I add the controller completely blank (besides IP config), then I can put it into the same group in management state to get the configuration pushed to the controller.


2)  Same as 1, but the firmware on the new controller is lower than that on the other controllers.  Result is same, except you leverage 'Group Firmware' enforcement feature (group list -> select group -> firmware tab).  This will upgrade the firmware of the controller first, then try to push the configuration afterwards.


3)  Other Cisco WLCs have different config, but still want to use AirWave to push initial config.  Create new group 'New WLC'.  In the new group, create desired settings on the WLC Config tab.  Once that's done, add the new controller in management mode to the 'New WLC' group.  It will get the new config.


There's several other possible scenarios for how this could work out, but you've got an idea of what's possible.  As always, please make sure to be running the latest version of AirWave (as of 2013/11/11 - it's AirWave 7.7.6).

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Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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