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How to know if Airwave using AMON or SNMP in front of 7210

Hi AirHeads,

I just deployend a new Airwave and i configure it to prefer AMON over SNMP..but when it's configure like that i dont see that the AIRWAVE getting client info at all (Clients = 0 ) even due i configure it under the AirWave profile and the 8211 is open (Can i check it from the Airwave CLI?)

When changing back to SNMP all the client / ap info is appering.


any advise? what do i missing here?


do i need to configure something else on the controller or on the AW itself?




AMP version 8.0.9



Anyone know's what the issue itself - i need a solution , i would like the client to see all the great APPRF capabilites on his AirWave.




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Re: How to know if Airwave using AMON or SNMP in front of 7210

Is there a firewall between Airwave and the controller?  UDP 8211 needs to flow from the controller to Airwave. Please see the knowledgebase article here: to troubleshoot Amon.


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Re: How to know if Airwave using AMON or SNMP in front of 7210

You'll also want to make sure that your controller has the configured profile to send AMON data to AirWave:


This is the main AMON setting showing which destination AMP server is using which AMON profile (you can have up to 4 destinations):

# show running-config | include mgmt

(ex) mgmt-server type amp primary-server profile default-amp


Then you want to look at what is enabled in the profile:

# show mgmt-server profile default-amp

Mgmt Config profile "default-amp" (Predefined (changed))

Parameter Value
--------- -----
Stats            Enabled
Tag              Enabled
Sessions      Enabled
Monitored Info Enabled
Misc             Enabled
Location       Enabled
UCC Monitoring Disabled
AirGroup Info Disabled


The above is determined by:

( (config) #mgmt-server profile default-amp
( (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #?
airgroupinfo-enable              AirGroup enable
clone                                    Copy data from another Mgmt Config profile
location-enable                    Station RSSI/AP Neighbours enable
misc-enable                         AP System Stats/Spec Dev/Station Steer Info enable
monitored-info-enable         Monitored AP/Station Info enable
no                                        Delete Command
sessions-enable                  Firewall DNA/App/Aggregate Sessions enable
stats-enable                         Radio/VAP/Station Stats enable
tag-enable                           Tag enable
uccmonitoring-enable          UCC Monitoring enable


For clients, you're mostly concerned with: location-enable (for VRF), stats-enable and monitored-info-enable (AP and client data), misc-enable (client match), sessions-enable (AppRF).  By default, there is no profile on the controller.

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