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How to place AP's accurately in VisualRF

Any tips and tricks for placing AP's accurately on the map?


It seems like a slight skew when adding the AP could sevrely affect the accuracy of heatmaps.

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Re: How to place AP's accurately in VisualRF

Hey, I've found that making sure the AP size is relevant to the floor plans (e.g Small, Medium and Large) and constantly refreshing the floor plan gives you the most accurate overview!

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Re: How to place AP's accurately in VisualRF

Use the cropping handles (circles at the corners of the image) to remove extra white space around the floor plan. VisualRF will calculate an attenuation grid for the entire map including white space. Reducing the white space on a floor plan will increase location accuracy and decrease the load an on the server. A good rule of thumb would be not more than ½ inch white space, if possible, on all sides. VisualRF dissects each floor plan into a grid consisting of cells specified in this setting. The Core Thread service calculates the path loss for every radio to every cell on the floor plan. By default the importation wizard allocates 2,500 grid cells to each site based on dimensions. If you have a site that is 250 ft. by 100 ft, the Floor Plan importation wizard would calculate the grid cell size at 10 feet. 250 ft. x 100 ft. = 25,000 ft. 25,000 ft. / 2,500 ft. = 10 ft.


Note: Decreasing the grid cell size will increase accuracy, but it also increase CPU consumption by the floor caching threadsand the location caching threads. Check the System > Performance page to ensure your server is functioningproperly when you make a change to this setting.

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