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How to stop or pause airwave backup



This is my first post so apologies if it's in the wrong section. I've recently taken on support of our companies Aruba networks, and I've been given the task of upgrading our customers Airwave servers to 8.0.8, for the leap second fix.


The problem I'm getting is that the upgrade fails on 2 of our servers as the nightly backup is still running... and appears to run continuously as the previous nights always runs into the next! So you can see my problem!


The question is.... is there any easy way to stop or pause the backup job from running, just whilst I get the upgrades done?!


Any help greatly received by this newly-certified-but-dropped-in-at-the-deep-end-engineer!!

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Re: How to stop or pause airwave backup

as requested here, this is indeed not the right place:


not sure if you are still experiencing this issue, but do remember that next to this place you also have Aruba TAC to contact.


Re: How to stop or pause airwave backup

There's no way to stop the backup from the UI, the only way is to kill the process from the CLI (please only do so under the guidance of support as there's a possibility of leaving stray processes dormant).  If you look at the time of nightly maintenance, and the time of the backup file, what is the time length between start of nightly maintenance and the publishing of the backup file to /var/airwave-backup?  If possible, I would suggest timing the start of nightly maintenance so that the backup completes before you try to run the upgrade.  For the reason that you want to make sure you have a complete backup prior to any upgrade.

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