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IAP management in Airwave iap clusters

Hi community,


I´ve a deployment with some instant clusters, in airwave I have a group for every location eg Orlando,Berlin,Rom and so on. The instants are managed in airwave (instant config). Is it possible to deploy a new ssid over all groups (locations) or is it possible to copy config snippets from one group to an other and I must not configure the ssid on all groups?


Thanks a lot.



Re: IAP management in Airwave iap clusters

Hi Leon, there is no pure way to do that across all groups. The premise of a group is that it has unique properties (config, profiles, IP's etc) that are different and thus require a different management group. Otherwise you'd have one group and one global config.


That said, if the baseline of your config is the same - I'd consider making a new group via templates then importing the config from an existing device - then edit your group specific variables. At this point you could enable IGC by editing the group management values.


Template Import.png


Cheers, Adam


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