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Import RF Plans to Airwave?



I would like to giveout some software to technicians building remote locations, for preparing RF plans with exact location of AP. I would like to be able to import those to Airwave later. Not jpg, pdf, etc. but something with APs on it. Is it accctually possible?

Re: Import RF Plans to Airwave?

You might be able to download the offline version of VisualRF Plan for Windows, and so long as the planned APs deployed on the survey/plans match the actual, just import the offline VisualRF Plan exports directly in to AirWave. I've never personally tried it, but it might work. Otherwise, worse case, use the offline VisualRF plan to create the floorplans, model the APs, and import them into AirWave, and just manually place the deployed APs on to the imported plans.

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