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Install AirWave to Hyper-V Feb15-MHC

Install AirWave to Hyper-V Feb15-MHC

I  just installed AirWave successfully to a Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V.  So I document the installation with a few notes so you can avoid frustration of instalation hang or crash or application not runing at all.
This tutorial is for AMP ISO, Windows Server 2012 or 2012-R2. 


Figure 1: Before you can install Hyper-V service, you must enable Virtual Technology in the BIOS, which is disable by default.



Figure 2: Add Hyper-V role to Windows 2012 R2 server



Figure 3: Add Virtual Switch and made this switch connect to the network adapter that carries the network that you want AirWave on


Click next, Hyper-V will install.  
After Hyper-V finishes installation and server reboots, run Hyper-V Manager



Figure 4: In Hyper-V Manager, click New, Virtual Machine to create a Virtual Machine



Figure 5: Give it a name



Figure 6: “Specify Generation” check Generation 1.  This is new for 2012 R2, if you are running 2012 Hyper-V, you don’t see this screen.



Figure 7: Assign 1024 Mb memory and check "Use Dynamic Memory for this virtual machine."  1024 MB startup will help machine boot faster.



Figure 8: Connect this machine to the Virtual switch that was created earlier in Figure 3.  This is where your AMP connects to your network.



Figure 9: Create a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD).  Size of VHD depends on your environment.  You cannot change this after it creates, so choose the size carefully.



Figure 10: Point your Virtual Machine to an iso image (or physical DVD)

When you click Finish, Hyper-V builds the Virtual Machine.


Figure 11: After Hype-V builds the machine, you can start it by right click the machine and start.



Figure 12: type "install" at the boot prompt, CentOS will start to install


In few minutes installation stops and lets you know that “eth0 is not available”.  Go back to Hyper-V Manager, click Settings.  You need to modify the network settings.  All Linux virtual machines are not working with normal Hyper-V NIC, you need to change it to “Legacy Network Adapter”



Figure 13: In this screen you can do all differnt setting parameters for your virtual machine.  We are going to change Network settings.



Figure 14: Remove the default Network Adapter.


 Figure 15: Add "Legacy Network Adapter"


Figure 16: When you are in the settings, give AirWave at least 2 proc, check hardware requirement for your environment.  You must give this machine 2 proc or more or AMP will fail to install. 

This setting can be changed after installation if you require more than 2 proc.


After done with Settings, start AirWave, give 30 minutes for CentOS to install.  
After CentOS finishes installation, reboot, and login as “root”, with password “admin” and run ./amp-install.
Step 1 and 2 are simple.  It is a big lie in AMP installation step 3 as it states “This will take a few minutes.”  Give it a few hours for this installation. 

When AMP installation completes, if it hang, just reboot and continue to step 4.     
If you watch the installation in details (CTRL-ALT-F9,) you will see errors, warnings, pauses, just be patient and let it works through.
I hope I did not leave out any crucial step that causes the installation to fail.  
Let me know if you have any questions or problems. 


And don’t forget to KUDOS!





~Trinh Nguyen~
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Re: Install AirWave to Hyper-V Feb15-MHC

Nice one.
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Re: Install AirWave to Hyper-V Feb15-MHC

Hi ngurti,


I'm a little late kudo'ing this post - sorry for that. I definitely want to thank you for putting this together!



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Re: Install AirWave to Hyper-V Feb15-MHC

I've followed all the steps to the "t" but everytime I complete the install my Hyper-V VM locks up after the AMP install.   I can get back to login screen and put in the default credentials, it show the latest version is installed.  The cursor blinks for about 30 seconds then stops. I loose all keyboard and mouse function.  please help

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Re: Install AirWave to Hyper-V Feb15-MHC

Did you give it 2 procs as in figure 16? 

Also startup memory at 4096 MB

If you are installing AMP 8, you don't need to change to "legacy network interface"




~Trinh Nguyen~
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