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Installation of new controller won't work



I installed a new controller (7005) in our wireless system.

This is a local controller, i copied the installation from a working controller. 


Some issues i have:


  1. On the new controller it says: Cloud Service Controller instead of Mobility Controller
  2. I can ping between the master and the local but i can't see it. But in the events i receive the message that the master lost connection with the local controller. (I've checked on the firewall and it ain't blocking it)

Any idea?





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Re: Installation of new controller won't work

"Cloud service controller" is a marketing term for a smaller controller that can be provisioned by activate.  It should work as a controller just fine.


You should not copy the configuration of a controller that is not the same platform to another controller, because you will have problems that you need to resolve.


If you are installing a local controller, from scratch, you should (1) configure it as a standalone controller (2) upgrade the ArubaOS code to match the master (3) Apply the licenses for that controller (4) Connect it to the master as a local.  Using this procedure will allow the global configuration to be pushed to the local from the master properly.  You would only have to apply the controller-specific configuration like VLANs, ip addresses, routing, timezone, etc.


Again, if you are only adding a 7005 to an existing master to a local you should now (1) copy the licenses off the 7005 (2) factory reset the 7005 controller (3) configure it as a standalone, or master controller and give it a proper ip address (4) apply the licenses (5) make sure the ArubaOS code is then upgraded to match the master.  After that, you should join it to the master as a local.


It is incorrect procedure to copy the configuration of one controller to this controller in this situaiton.

*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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