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Installing AirWave on CP-HW-500



I've got the info that it should be possible to install AirWave on the Hardware-CPPM "CP-HW-500".


Anyone knows how? Is there any documentation?


AMP-InstallGuide only shows only VMware, HyperV and RHEL installation types.


Anyone any ideas?


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Re: Installing AirWave on CP-HW-500

Who said that? That would not be supported.


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Re: Installing AirWave on CP-HW-500

It was an aruba sales representative here in Munich.


The offer he made was an CP-HW-500 bundled with an AirWave License and of course a couple  of Instant APs.


Everything is known to me, but not installing AMP at HW-CP


Made the Aruba guy a wrong statement? Usually he's very correct. **bleep**, he's on vacation.






Re: Installing AirWave on CP-HW-500

The Aruba rep was probably selling you IAPs, CPPM, and an AirWave license as separate components.  You cannot run them on the same platform simultaneously.   If you have a CPPM HW appliance; it runs as a standalone box; no other applications/services supported.   If you wanted to take the CP-HW-500 and install an AirWave ISO on it (with no ClearPass) then this would probably work; but you'd likely void your hardware warranty in that case.


If you wanted to install the ISO on the hardware (as if it were any other hardware) then follow the instructions in the Installation Guide:   Just be weary of the hardware requirements vs. the components in the CP-HW-500 platform: or





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