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Instant AP management issue


  We're setting up a new AP315 in our lab for testing.


Environment is as follows: - Lab SSID - Employee - Vlan 5 (unrestricted) - Guest SSID - Guest network - Vlan 6 (Unrestricted) - Management/VIP network - Vlan 7 - Private Lab network - Vlan 10


Using the default Instant SSID for initial setup we configured the Management IP, VIP IP (There will be a 2nd AP later).  We also created the Lab and guest SSIDs.


The issue we are having is we can not access our management IP outside of the Instant SSID, or unless we are directly connected on the Management Vlan.  What do we need to do to allow management from an IP in the Private subnet for example?  Routing is good, we can ping all around succesfully.



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Re: Instant AP management issue

Do you have the Uplink switch native VLAN configured? If yes, try to remove it and see if it fixes the issue. 


Re: Instant AP management issue

Where is your gateway for the management and private VLANs? Does it allow access from Private to Management IP?


My lab is firewalled from my manaement space (security concerns) so I would have to allow access from a machine in lab to get to the VC manaaement address.


Can you ping the management IP from your machine?


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