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Is there an Airwave report that can assist in finding devices with excessive dropped connections?

I'm trying to create a report that will help assist in finding clients and/or devices that are having excessive dropped connections. I have run the client session report based on specific SSIDs. This report shows the session time for my devices, but I don't think this is giving me any indication that the client is being dropped. Since any report is only going to measure what is connected, I'm not sure there is a way to show 


I've placed clients in the Watched Client in Airwave, but I sometimes see gaps in the Trends (usage/SNR/S&N) graphs for come clients.  The devices in the watched client list should never be turned off, so I assume that it should always transmit some data.  Does this indicate a connection which Airwave is unable to gather stats?


I'm running the latest Airwave 7.7.11 and ArubaOS



Re: Is there an Airwave report that can assist in finding devices with excessive dropped connections

I don't believe there is one but with the client session report you will see when the device is being authenticated at which point you can decipher how many "drops" the device had.


Does the device go to sleep? or is constantly associated to the SSID?


You can always create a trigger to alert you when a drop happens in case reporting does not help you.

You would create it in reverse with the Connected Clients trigger, so that when the client reconnects you will be alerted. At that point you know a drop occured.


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