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Joining Airwave server with windows domain


  My IT security dept would like me to join the airwave server to the domain so they can manage the root password with a tool called cyberarc which logs in and changes the admin/root accounts daily it has to be part of the windows domain to do it. I can't find anything in the user guide.


Re: Joining Airwave server with windows domain

There are many ways to join a linux server to a Windows Domain, but I suspect that would void the warranty. The number of packages and AD integrations would change the underpinnings of the server such that Airwave updates in the future might break your OS.

In 8.2.4 Aruba removes outside access to root - which has had plenty of debate, but may resolve your security team's concerns.


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Re: Joining Airwave server with windows domain

I eventaully opened a TAC case that is what they said the shell was removed I would have to go back to older version if I wanted it.

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