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Managing AP on Airwave



I need your recommendation as I 've deferent AP working as following modes on Controller:-


1-Remote AP.

2-Remote Mesh Portal AP and relative Mesh Points.


And i need to add those on Airwave , So does each type need to be in separate group.

And what about the compliance if i need to comply the configuration for each mode to internal template.


Also i faced some issue after managing AP on Airwave as AP get default configuration and i lose Controller connectivity with AP and solved after configure AP as Monitor Only.




Re: Managing AP on Airwave

When adding devices into AirWave:


1. Add initially as monitor only (unless you've already created appropriate templates / configuration settings in AirWave)

2. Groups are for configuration.  If your Remote APs have a radically different config than the Remote Mesh APs, then they should be put into separate groups.

3. Folders are for viewing, so although devices may adhere to a group's configuration base, you can still have a view that can be arranged by location or building.

4. Once you have all your templates configured, you will have the ability to create overrides (this is done on the controller's manage page, there are also a few radio settings you can adjust from the AP's manage page).


Not sure if I completely understood the last portion.  Are you saying that when you put an AP into management mode, the configuration was successfully pushed, but the communication between controller and AP was lost?  If so, this sounds like it may be either the AP reboot that occurs after a sucessful configuration push (you can tell from the device's event log), or it might be a configuration issue which can be better handled in a support case.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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