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Manually Adding Aruba 2930 series switches

Hey guys,


Figured this would have been asked before, but I couldn't find anything after a good search.


We have been monitoring our APs for a while now with Airwave. Looking to move switch monitoring over to Airwave for our 2930 series switches.


No Aruba switches seem to be present in the device listing for manually adding devices. There is a very limited assortment of HPE Procurve.


What should I use to add 2930 series switches? The Aruba device category assumes it is a wireless access point.






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Re: Manually Adding Aruba 2930 series switches

I’ve added them before as “Aruba Device” and never had any issues :)

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Re: Manually Adding Aruba 2930 series switches


Make sure you are running the latest version of AirWave and add the Aruba 2930f as an Aruba device and you are good to go!

Works fine. The add device settings for an Aruba device are used by selecting the Aruba device, then AirWave does its ‘magic’ and will put it in as a switch with all the features: viewing ports, wired clients, topology and much more!

Hope this helps
Cheers, Frank
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