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Manually add a SNMPv3 device in Airwave


I am trying to add some router/switches to be monitored using SNMPv3 in Airwave 


I have left the setup for the router/switches on the Device Setup>Communications page at the defaults.

From the Device Setup>Add window I select Router/Switch and fill in all of the values for SNMPv3, leaving the community string feilds blank as I am not using V2


When I add the device Airwave is unable to poll. I see an SNMP get failed.

I know the configuration on the switch is good as I have tested with another utility and I am able to connect without a problem.

I looks to me like AMP is trying to connect using SNMPv2


Is there some part of my AirWave setup I have missed?



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Re: Manually add a SNMPv3 device in Airwave

In the Airwave Group your device is in, you need to change the SNMP Version to 3.  It is 2c by default

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Re: Manually add a SNMPv3 device in Airwave

After applying the above, I was still having issues getting Cisco 9300 Switch added via SNMPv3. 


Below was output when debugging SNMP packet/session/headers:

Incoming SNMP packet
005554: Feb 15 09:08:57.694: v3 packet security model: v3 security level: noauth
005555: Feb 15 09:08:57.694: username: xxxxxxxxx


Airwave was getting no SNMP reponse from device. 

After some trial and error, the CLI on Switch command fixed the SNMP No Auth error.

snmp-server user xxxxxxxxx ***SNMP Group*** v3 auth md5 ****Key**** priv aes 128 ****Key****


(Pre-Existing SNMP Command)

     - snmp-server group ***SNMP Group*** v3 auth


Afterwards, the debug output shows security level: AUTH as shown below:

Incoming SNMP packet
009248: Feb 15 09:34:57.223: v3 packet security model: v3 security level:
009249: Feb 15 09:34:57.223: username: XXXXXXXXXX


Airwave now able to poll switch via SNMPv3.

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