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Migrating Airwave to another server


I need to migrate our Airwave server onto another bigger better faster box. Unfortunately the new server also has a different IP address. I've installed the 7.7.7 version of Airwave on the new box, upgraded the existing server to 7.7.7  and am waiting till tomorrow to get hold of the nightly backup file to unpack onto the new server. The only slight problem is the fact that the license is tied to the original server IP address. How do I migrate the prodn license onto the new server? The temp license I initially used to set up has now expired, so I can't use that one on the new box in the interim.





Re: Migrating Airwave to another server

Please open a case with support.  They will migrate the license for you

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Re: Migrating Airwave to another server

Your licensing account might well have the capability to do it?


If you have a login, use that and click "my airwave" at the top. You might have a "transfer" option in there (I do).


On the other hand, if your reseller licensed it for you, speak to them.


Or yeah, you could open a TAC case with Aruba!

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