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Mismatched configuration in Airwave

I have 2 Instant APs in their own group, and Airwave says that the configuration is mismatched and has from the start, I believe the reason being because I made a last minute configuration change in the Virtual Controller after I had input the Airwave IP but before I had accepted them into Airwave. I have tried to delete them including the group and folder and role and user account, but when I accept them back into Airwave the mismatch persists, is there a way to fix this?

Re: Mismatched configuration in Airwave



To resovle mismatches navigate to


  • Groups>Template page and import latest template from device
  • IAP's APs/Devices>Audit page and click import settings
  • Try import setting from APs/Devices>manage page aswell, if any device specifi mismatch is there it will get resloved.



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