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Monitor Airwave from a external SNMP Server



I would like to know if it is possible to monitor CPU and memory utilization of Airwave from an external SNMP Monitoring Server like Nagios.


Thank you in advance


Re: Monitor Airwave from a external SNMP Server

You need to be on at least AMP 8.0.3, with a separate System Resources trigger for CPU and memory utilization.  Then from AMP Setup -> NMS, download the AMP MIBs and upload them into your external SNMP, and then assign the proper reaction from your external SNMP.

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Re: Monitor Airwave from a external SNMP Server

Thank you,


That works for me.



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Re: Monitor Airwave from a external SNMP Server

An alternate solution that I've been using with Airwave since well before 8.0 is to use snmpd on the Airwave host.  I've set up an snmp v3 read only user, and in the snmpd.conf, I've added the following:


# monitor processes (name, max #, min #)
proc httpd__________ 250 1
proc postmaster 150 1

# kb free threshold for /
disk / 50000000
# 20 percent free across the board
includeAllDisks 20

# monitor load max (1 min avg, 5 min avg, 15 min avg)
load 30 30 30

# monitor log files
logmatch pgsql-failure /var/log/pgsql 60 remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections
logmatch rapids-failure /var/log/amp_events 60 No data has been processed
logmatch segfaults /var/log/messages 60 segfault


My external monitoring host can then look at the ucdavis mib and watch for errors there.  If you want traps instead, snmpd also supports using the disman keyword to turn all of those errors into traps. 

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