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Monitor MERU AP's in Airwave

Hello again everyone,


I'm after a little advice/assistance.


For reasons beyond me my previous counterparts decided that having a mixed infrastructure of Aruba and MERU equipment would be a good idea.


We have Airwave to manage the Aruba equipment and MERU's EasyRF appliance to manage the MERU equipment. Both work fine in their own rights but I would like to be able to monitor the MERU equipment within Airwave.


I have managed to add the MERU MC3000 controllers fine by going to Device Setup > Add and selecting the MC3000 controller.


This adds the MERU controller fine but it does not bring back any other information regarding the AP's attached to this controller??


I noticed you can download the MIBS from the MERU controller to import into a management platform but I can't see an option to import these into Airwave? Am I missing something very simple here?


Airwave ver: 7.6.1

MERU MC3000 Rev: 5.1-75






Re: Monitor MERU AP's in Airwave

Meru support hasn't been updated for a few releases.  And if you try importing the MIBs, the only thing AirWave would get is translated OID values (ex. '.' would be translated to sysDescr).  Although the values are translated, that doesn't mean they'd get consumed.  There needs to be significant work done to update Meru support to consume the data which is a question for product management.  Your next steps would be to make a feature request thru the ideas portal on the support site, and begin to open up discussion with your Aruba rep to see what other solutions are available.

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Re: Monitor MERU AP's in Airwave



Thanks for the reply. I thought it was just me missing something glaringly obvious. Just seems strange that the Airwave system seems geared up to monitor MERU controllers but actually doesn't pull down any meaningful information. Even basics such as number of AP's up or down woudl have served my purpose. I'll put this forward as a feature request in the meantime.


Thanks again,



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