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Moving a VC with overrrides between AirWave groups?

My environment is IAP 6.5.3, Airwave 8.2.5, with Instant GUI config.


I have a working IAP Group, with several VCs. The Group provides common settings to all the VCs but each VC is configured with multiple overrides for site-unique setting such as unique DHCP scope Local L2, or maybe a particular SSID is disabled on a particular VC.


When moving one of the VCs to a new Group, should the VC's overrides be carried over to the new group? In my experience so far, the overrides will NOT be carried over, and this presents a major issue for me.


This includes using the "Duplicate" funtion to create the new group: it doesn't duplicate overrrides.


How can I keep my VC's overrides in the new Group please?






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Re: Moving a VC with overrrides between AirWave groups?



It is expected behaviour, we can not duplicate or carriedover the overrides to new group.


If you are moving VC to new group make sure it is in template mode first and after fetching the latest template enable IGC but still you need to create manullay all the device sepecific ovverides.

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