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Re: NO APs in Topology View (AMP



Just upgraded AMP to Version - still the same:

No APs visible in the Topology View.


All APs are displayed correctly in the sm_label_neighbors table with Sys Name/Sys Desc and Capabilities WLAN Access Point on the switches.

All APs are showing the Upstream Device and the Upstream Port correctly in AMP (also in the CLI with the command show ap debug lldp neighbor interface eth0 detail)


The Switchtypes are HP2920, Aruba 2930F (FW: WC.16.06.0006) and HP2530; the APs are 303 with FW

Some other remarkable things with the topology view:

- VLAN Overlay is not working correctly: only one or two of 11 Switches and one Link between them are NOT greyed out when I select a VLAN Overlay (in any VLAN; all VLANs are configured on all switches and are tagged on all Uplink Ports of course)

- VLAN Names are displayed twice in the select list; some with names some without names.

- Aggregated Links are most of the time displayed as alternative Links and not as aggregated Link (STP is deactivated in this network)


Is it possible to reset the topology completely to initiate a rebuild of the topology?


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Manfred M.


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Re: NO APs in Topology View (AMP

If all switches are showing in topology where IAPs are connected but still devices are not lisiting in topology then I would recommand to open TAC ticket.



Pavan Arshewar | ACCP

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