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Need info of Airwave "unknowns"; is this a problem?

This is a copy/paste of a customer's device type summary report and I want to know how I decipher these "unknowns"? I've read mixed threads that these could be devices from neighboring wireless networks and/or devices that have cannot or have not attempted a CP redirect. Ideas?




Re: Need info of Airwave "unknowns"; is this a problem?

If you navigate to the Clients page in Airwave, you'll see a set of donut graphs - you can click on the device types in the list to get a search list of the currently connected so-categorized clients:



A small bit of mine look like this:


That should give you something to track down and start to get insight into those unknowns.



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Re: Need info of Airwave "unknowns"; is this a problem?



Unknow devices are nothing but Aruba OS not able to classify those list of client device type based on their OUI.


If OUI enteries not present database , it places devices in unknow list.


Based on AMP Setup > Device type setup setting, airwave will classify type.






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