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New Airwave 8.2.4+ command line instructions for SCP using Mac



Since I had such a (long-term) headache getting a support_connection.tar file uploaded to Airwave in version 8.2.4, I want to leave instructions for everyone else so they don't also have this headache. These instructions are for Mac only as I could not get it to work using the Solarwinds SCP server program for Windows.


Before I get into this, a note to HPE Aruba: This new process sucks! I understand your desire to not let the end customer have full root access, but the fact that you need to upload a file for support (and only one very specific way to upload that file) is just a bad user experience. Why can't you do what ClearPass does (generate support keys, then copy and paste)? That would be much easier. Or, let us upload support_connection.tar via the web GUI or (T)FTP.


Here's how I finally got it to work:

  1. Upgrade to or higher. 8.2.4 did not work for me under any circumstance. Specifically, it would compain about a cypher mismatch on my Mac. This went away with
  2. On your Mac, go to System Preferences and click Sharing.
  3. Check the box for Remote Login. If already checked, just click Remote Login without clearing the checkbox.
  4. Add your username under the "Allow access for" section (or say "all users")
  5. Check the box for File Sharing. If already checked, just click File Sharing without clearing the checkbox.
  6. Under Shared Folders, add your account's Public folder. It may be there by default.
  7. Move your support_connection.tar file into your Public folder
  8. SSH to Airwave using ampadmin credentials.
  9. Choose option 1 to upload a file.
  10. Use the syntax: username@yourIP:/Users/username/Public/support_connection.tar (Replace username with your actual username in BOTH places and replace yourIP with your own IP address. For example: tim.haynie@

I tried this with my Mac and a colleagues Mac. We didn't have any special non-default SSH configurations, either in the /etc/ssh/ folder or the ~/.ssh/ folder. I am running Sierra 10.12.6 on a relatively (1 month) freshly built machine


If this does not work for you, and you needed to make some other change to get it to work, or you find some better way to do this (with Windows or some other platform), please leave that here to help others.

Tim Haynie, ACMX #508, CWNE #254, ACCP, CCNP R/S, CCNP Wireless, CCNA Security, CCDA

Re: New Airwave 8.2.4+ command line instructions for SCP using Mac

Hi Tim,

Adding to your email we can follow the below KB in case you come across cipher error using MAC, 


Also, for windows we could download the BitVise Application(Winsshd server) for windows, using which we could create sftp host on the windows, which can be used to scp the file. You can follow the below KB for that.



If my post helped you, don't forget to give kudos ;)
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