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Quick question regarding the nightly backups on airwave.  When running a mobility master environment and the config is done at the folder level at each site, I see that you can find the config under the ID of the mobility master under flash backup flash>ccm>full - here it shows you a break down of all the config at each folder.


My two questions I need help with are:


1) Does this file modified date update every time a change is written to memory? And then it is backed up nightly as per backup


2) If I want to restore the full config to a Mobility Master (in the event I needed to rebuild it) can I just use this flashbackup to do so?



Aruba Employee

Re: Nightly Backups & MM



The controller configs on AirWave will be under 'Config' tab for the spoecific device.

1. Yes, everytime the config is changed on the MM and saved, the same will be updated in Airwave on the day but at the audit time (which is dailiy). So, if previous audit happend at 3:20 PM, there's a config change on the controller at 9:20 PM same day. The new config will be backed by AirWave next day at 3:20 PM. As the Audit for devices is daily by default.

2. These Archived configs saved per device in AMP are part of Nightly backup. For above scenraio, if the nightly backup happens before the daily audit and post the config changes, the new config may not be archived on AMP, yet.


Also, please be aware these archived configs in AirWave are 'show running config' from MM and MD's, this will not have the full node heirarchy config.

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