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No SCP access in AMP 8.2.5

Hi there, we managed to download nightly backup always using WinSCP client to AMP.


Now upgraded to we don't have access via SCP anymore. 

WinSCP does say something like:

  • Can't initialize SFTP-protocol. Does the host runs an SFTP-server?

Doen anyone know to to get it up and running?

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Re: No SCP access in AMP 8.2.5

As of AW 2.4.x access to the shell was removed. You can still download the nightly backups via the GUI or you can use the built-in CLI menu configure a SCP destination for the nightly backups.


CLI menu (console/SSH):


4) Backup

2) Configure Automatic Transfer

1) Set Destination

Backup Destination (user@host:path): user@scpserver:/backup/airwave/


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Re: No SCP access in AMP 8.2.5

Post 8.2.4 you need have a destination machine which supports scp(Linux/mac) to download the files. Winscp wont wont work. In case you dont have a linux/Mac you can use the below document to configure bitwise on windows to make it a scp client.

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Re: No SCP access in AMP 8.2.5

In recent versions of Airwave you can create an sftp user via the Advanced menu:

  1  Restart Application
  2  Reboot System
  3  Configure Network Settings
  4  Set Hostname
  5  Set Timezone
  6  Shutdown System (halt)
  7  Add File Transfer User
  b  >> Back
Your choice: 7

Running Add File Transfer User

When entering the username it must have 5 or more characters
and contain only lowercase letters or numbers.

Username for the File Transfer User (default 'awsftp'):

When entering the password you must follow these rules:
Minimum 8 chars with upper, lower, numeric, and non-alphanumeric characters.
Spaces are not allowed.

Password for 'awsftp':

Creating File Transfer User 'awsftp'
Changing password for user awsftp.
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.
Reloading sshd:                                            [  OK  ]

You may now sftp into your AMP with this user.
Due to security concerns this user will be removed each night.
File transfers take place in the user/ directory.
Press Enter to return to the menu ...

After that, you can sftp into the Airwave server:

ubuntu % sftp awsftp@airwave
awsftp@airwave's password:
Connected to airwave.
sftp> ls
file_transfer_from_the_user_directory         user
sftp> ls user
user/ampbackup_2018-08-14_17-16-23.tar.gz user/awsupport.gpg
user/nightly_data001.digest user/nightly_data001.tar.gz
user/nightly_data002.digest user/nightly_data002.tar.gz
user/nightly_data003.digest user/nightly_data003.tar.gz
user/nightly_data004.digest user/nightly_data004.tar.gz
user/pre-upgrade-8.2.6-data.tar.gz user/pre-upgrade-

If the feature isn't there, you might need to upgrade. It's available at least in Airwave 8.2.7 (and I believe in 8.2.6 as well).

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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