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Number of clients reported in AirWave not correct

Hi Fellow Geeks.


I am somewhat new in the Airwave universe and have a question about the client count reported to Airwave.
It is the simplest setup possible. Two 7205 Controllers and a virtual Mobility Master. Works like a charm.

However, the Client count reported to Airwave matches the count on “the primary” controller. The controllers and the Mobility Master is configured to send data to the Airwave. If I thake a look at the "Topology" in Airwave, only "the primary" controller shows up...


What did I forget to do?

Kind regards


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Re: Number of clients reported in AirWave not correct



Does APs been terminated on all three controllers? How much client difference you are seeing in Airwave.


Have you added all the three controllers and APs to Airwave and does status of those devices showing as UP?


Does prefer AMON vs SNMP setting is enabled in AMP Setup > General page?




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Re: Number of clients reported in AirWave not correct

Hi Pavan.


Not sure about termination of Access Points. They should be configured to load balance on controllers and so should the clients.


I see around 603 client on the MM-VA. There is 296 on the first controller and 287 on the second controller Airwave reports 297 Clients. All 3 controllers and all AP’s are added to Airwave and reports “UP” and configuration “GOOD”.

However, when I look at the “Client Count” the MM-VA reports 0 and the two 7205 are showing clients.


The “prefer AMON” was not enabled. I just turned it on. After 5-10 minutes, it looks like it is correct


Thank you for the help.

Kind regards.


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Re: Number of clients reported in AirWave not correct

Thanks Pavan,


we had the issue on our 6.5 controllers with it under reporting by up 10K clients someitmes. A power cycle would be the only thing that would show the true client count (recommended during the tac call)


our recent move to a 8.5 cluster showed the issue again but a reboot of the server would not fix it this time but enabling the AMON vs SNMP has fixed it!


many thanks

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