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One Master Controller reporting to two Airwave Servers?

I have a master controller which I want to point to two separate Airwave servers. The controller is currently only reporting to one Airwave server. I had to create a second AMP server to accommodate the number of devices the Master Controller/Local Controllers manage.

I believe all I have to do is add these two lines to the Master controller configuration.

mgmt-server type amp primary-server IP.ADDRESS profile default-amp

snmp-server host IP.ADDRESS version 2c COMMUNITY udp-port 162


Is that all? Will the Master controller send all traps/IDS events to both AMP servers? Will the AMP servers just disregard all traps that are not meant for it? 

I have already configured each local controller to point to its particular AMP Server, it's just the Master Controller I'm curious about


Re: One Master Controller reporting to two Airwave Servers?



To get the traps send from a controller to a specific Airwave server we just need to add the Airwave server as a trap receiver on the controller. You can use the below command which you mentioned for that,


snmp-server host IP.ADDRESS version 2c COMMUNITY udp-port 162


The only thing is we would see the source entry as blank if we dont have that controller added to Airwave, as it would be unknow to Airwave. Below is an example on how it would look like on Airwave.






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