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Point by point AMP Failover server config needed

Hello Folks

I know that loading on FO licenses on a newly installed AMP gives you some different menu options - 


Have to get a customer "documentation" on configuring an FO AMP - 

Does anyone have this elusive documentation and can point me in the correct direction ? - btw - in need "how to" docs (we have too many "can do" docs).



Aruba Employee

Re: Point by point AMP Failover server config needed




Please login into the Failover AMP and follow these steps to add a watched AirWave server:


1. Navigate to Home > Overview > Watched AMPs, then click Add.
2. Enter the Primary AirWave server's hostname or IP address.
3. Enter the name used for logging in to the AirWave server.
4. Enter the password (alphanumeric without spaces) for the user being created, then confirm the password.
5. Enter how many polls are missed before the failover AMP triggers a failover event. By entering 3, as shown in Figure 1, the failover server will trigger a failover event after 3 missed polls during 5-minute polling intervals.


Please follow the steps below to test the AMP failover and restore




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