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Polycom Spectralink 8020 VOIP

I'm looking into a strange issue we're having connecting the above wireless handset to our network.  We have multiple locations, all running virtually the same setup.  At all but one location, these VOIP phones work just fine.  At one of our locations, however, the phones will very intermittently register and just as randomly will neither send nor receive calls, or drop calls once they've been established.


I'm trying to trace the activity between the Mitel phone controller and the wireless device, and I've figured out how to watch the VLAN the phones connect to and see what all the phone and Mitel controller are sending back and forth.  Everything looks fairly normal; the actual effect on the SIP phone, however, is that it takes a long time registering and as mentioned, often fails.


Digging further into the issue, in Airwave (8.2.5) I located the client, checking into the Client Details and found some messages I can't seem to find an explanation for:


wlsxNUserEntryDeleted wlsxTrapUserIpAddress.0:, wlsxTrapUserPhyAddress.0: 00:90:7A:0C:C1:E4
wlsxLicensePlatformMismatch wlsxTrapAPMacAddress.0: A8:BD:27:C0:41:E4, wlsxTrapVcIpAddress.0:, wlsxTrapVcMacAddress.0: 00:90:7A:0C:C1:E4, wlsxTrapAPName.0: EDC-1X03-F2
wlsxNUserEntryAuthenticated wlsxTrapUserIpAddress.0:, wlsxTrapUserPhyAddress.0: 00:90:7A:0C:C1:E4, wlsxTrapUserName.0: '', wlsxTrapUserRole.0: WFI_PHN, wlsxTrapUserAuthenticationMethod.0: none(0)
wlsxNUserEntryCreated wlsxTrapUserIpAddress.0:, wlsxTrapUserPhyAddress.0: 00:90:7A:0C:C1:E4


00:90:7A:0C:C1:E4 is the client IP I'm watching.


Anyone have any ideas on where I go with this?

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Re: Polycom Spectralink 8020 VOIP

Those messages are routine and don't provide any specific insight.


What VOIP protocol are you using for the phone?

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Re: Polycom Spectralink 8020 VOIP

SIP 1.0.  The strangest part is if we toss the same phone into a separate VLAN, with a gateway to connect it back to the phone controller, it works just fine.  A bit slow on the initialization (where it downloads config from the TFTP server) but otherwise very reliable.


At this point, I've sent some captures off to Mitel to have them figure it out.  The wireless doesn't appear to be the issue, but I was concerned about those messages (still pretty new to Airwave/Aruba).

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