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Pushing static IP and hostname with Airwave 8.2.6

While evaluating ZTP with Aruba Switches (tested with 2530, 2920, 2930F), I got stuck on one feature: how do i get pushed individual static IPs and hostname that has been set under the 'Manage' part of each switch?

So, what do we have?

Figured out, how the template has to look like (with a little help of the Aruba colleagues), here only the IP address relevant part:

vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged %vlan_1_untag_command%
%if use_dhcp=1%
   ip address dhcp-bootp
%if use_dhcp=0%
   ip address %ip_address% %netmask%
%if use_dhcp=0%
   ip default-gateway %gateway%

If you choose 'Baseline Configuration' for 'Switch Configuration to Audit With:' in the basic settings of your group and you fill out the according fields under the 'Manage' page of the desired switch, click 'Save and Apply' you will see that it happens ... nothing!


If you now change from 'Baseline Configuration' to 'Group Template', the 'Repair' button appears (DO NOT click on this when you see all the switches in the group, otherwise they will be restored to the template configuration and you are doomed) for example on the 'Manage' page of the desired switch. Clicking this will be followed by the config pushed to the switch again with the desired values of IP and hostname. But for a reason you do not want to operate a group with a lot of switches in 'Group Template' mode, so you have to change it back to 'Baseline Configuration', set the new configuration containing IP address and hostname as Baseline and there you go.




Is there a more practicable way to do this or do we have to wait for 8.2.7?


Thanks and regards,


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Re: Pushing static IP and hostname with Airwave 8.2.6

Hi UliFi,


You can consider using Partial Config(Config Snippet) to push the config to the device.

At device level, you can create a config snippet and push to the device from the Config page using the “Add Config Job” Button.




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Re: Pushing static IP and hostname with Airwave 8.2.6

Yes, this would be just a workaround, but I think it was intended to be able to use the variables in the template and the 'Manage' page because it does work in a certain way... Only the trigger is missing.


By the way: Don't get me started on the Config Jobs. Why are they a "one shot" function and cannot be reused? 

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Re: Pushing static IP and hostname with Airwave 8.2.6

In case it is Baseline Configuration, the variables are not pushed(like in template configuration).. if user wants to push some variables, yes, he has to use templates and it is only practical way in 8.2.6.


We are working on making config jobs reusable in 8.2.7.

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