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Question about New Airwave Storage Build



I am in the middle of designing my new Airwave server. I have most of the parts spec/ed out except for the storage. I plan to use a ServeRAID M5200 Series with 1GB Flash memory for my drives. My question is has anyone done this before?



Use Local SSD for the OS and fibre attached SAN drives for storage.


I am not ready to go full vmware just yet. I have about 1800 monitored devices currently. We are currently on Airwave 7.7.x. I would like some feedback on this storage setup and any recommendation or best practice is greatly appreciated.



Re: Question about New Airwave Storage Build

By default you would need to do a custom installation to split apart anything, but as far as Local SSD versus SAN storage, there's not much you can separate. The bulk of the 'storage' space is within the DB, which is what needs the fast local disk. You could put backups on the slower SAN array, but space-wise it's not that much, and is what backups are for (can be scripted with a CRON job, etc to move the nightly backups off to somewhere else).


The critical thing is that whatever you do, make sure the active partition housing the database has the DiskIO required in the hardware requirements.

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Re: Question about New Airwave Storage Build

Thank you Jerrod for you explanation. It has help cleared up a lot of my confusion around how best to get the best performance for the DB.


I am going to stick with the 15K SAS hard drives for now until we migrate Airwave fully over to a vm environment.




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