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RAID 10 for Airwave even for a 200 device network?

Hi guys,


I've been checking the hardware sizing guide and it says that RAID10 it's the only RAID supported for Airwave.

I'm trying to figure it out the resources of a 200 device network.

The calculator already gave me a clue of how much CPU, RAM, disk, etc. will I need for the server. But I'm still a little bit confused with the RAID thing.

Is it necessary a RAID10 for a 200 network?

Will a single SAS HDD will do the work?


In past sizing guides (7.X) mentioned this: "AirWave 100 and 200 models perform well on a single, fast (spindle speed) disk".  But in the 8.x sizing guide doesn't mention this anymore.


Thanks in advance!

Re: RAID 10 for Airwave even for a 200 device network?

Yes, it is recommended to have RAID 10 disk, in event of any disk failure, we can recover data from other disks.



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Re: RAID 10 for Airwave even for a 200 device network?

It's worth noting that there are huge differences in the feature set of AirWave 7.x and AirWave 8.x.  Features like Clarity Live, Traffic Analysis, and other feature changes have increased disk utilization.


The RAID10 requirement is a conservative suggestion to ensure that in the event of a disk failure, that the application is able to proceed while the hardware issue is addressed.  You could proceed with a single disk if you're willing to risk a single point failure.  If you choose the single disk route, you'll want to setup the external backup transfer destination in case of any sort of failure.  AirWave is a disk read/write intensive application, so having the available disk I/O is a general concern.


Additional things for disk size consideration:

Any requirements for maintaining historical data?

Types of client behavior?  Long term returning clients vs short term one-time visitors - if you're a store or facility that sees a lot of one-time clients, each user entry consumes chunk of data based on historical data requirements.

VisualRF - are the network devices in a single location or spread among several facilities?

Room for network growth?


Rob Gin
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Re: RAID 10 for Airwave even for a 200 device network?

Thanks Rob, thanks Pavan for your feedback.


Seeing it that way makes more sense to go for RAID for production and leave a single disk just for lab environment.


In our case the scenario would be offices, around 70 to 80 APs, the rest would be a couple of Instant clusters of 8 to 10 APs and switches, so overall I think we're below 200 devices even considering network growth.

The calculator suggest 200-300 GB capacity for 500 devices, so I was thinking (considering RAID 10) going for 4 HDD at least of 250GB to have 500GB capacity.



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