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RAM for airwave

Hi all, 


How much RAM is needed for airwave while installing on VMware? I am trying to install it using 4GB RAM for airWave. Is that suffice? 

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Re: RAM for airwave



Take a look to this thread:


Also you can search for the Airwave's server sizing guide.

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Re: RAM for airwave

4 GB RAM isn't going to be enough -> it'll be super slow.


At least 8 GB RAM or more.  Depends on license count - but I run lab tests with setups of (for about 30-50 monitored devices, <100 simulated client count -> this isn't a ceiling, it's just a reference point):

4 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 80 GB disk


Note: 8.2.6.x/8.2.7.x versions have vmtoolsd already installed.  And when going the VM route, if the host is shared - ensure that AMP gets the priority for the correct I/O rates.  We've seen deployments on shared hosts where if AMP has to fight for disk priority, performance tanks since it's very database intensive for updating device status, client usage stats, etc.  And if it's a dedicated host, it only makes sense to run VM layer if using VM features like snapshots - otherwise its a waste of resources for the VM process overhead.

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