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RF Health Report - SNR in percentage

Hi there.

Looking into the RF Health reports, adjusting the threshholds for SNR is done by percentage. What is the relation between SNR in % and SNR measured in dB? If I want to set the threshhold for triggering "Low Client SNR" in the RF Health report to 20 dB, what is the equivalent in percentage?


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J. Mark

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Re: RF Health Report - SNR in percentage

I dont know the percentage relation (im assuming that it might be related to the RSSI but im not sure) 

But you could change the default threshold value which is 15 in the RF Health report definitions 

2015-06-23 07_21_36-AMP-SERVER.png

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: RF Health Report - SNR in percentage

Hi Victor.


Thank you for your input, that's the exact value I want to adjust. My question however is, if 20% in the report definition corresponds to a 20 dB threshhold that I am running in the rest of my setup. My controllers' dashboards report low SNR below 20 dB as well as the client diagnostics in AirWave, so I want my reports to strictly report the same.


Best regards

J. Mark.

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