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RFplanner pixilated Generated drawing

Hi Airheads Community,


I am using the RFplanner of Aruba to draw heatmap for a client. The tool is actually nice, but when i Generate the Bill-of-material to get the heatmap drawing i notice that the same floor plan illustraton looks pixilated. Unlike the waivie and smooth drawing created on the browser, its counterpart on the BOM is boxie and edgie. I cant find any settings to fix this. Was this encountered by any of you? Can i have the same quality of the browser drawing with the BOM drawing?


I attach a jpeg drawing that display a side by side comparison of the same heatmap floor plan comparing browser quality and BOM quality.


Thank you




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Re: RFplanner pixilated Generated drawing

Hi all,


I hope someone can help me woth this one. Just to add on this thread i also tested other (older) version of vissualRF aside from the lastest version. Also tested VisualRf on different laptop but still i am getting same results where in original heat map drawing looks sharp but the generated Bill-of-materials diagram is really edgy. I really like to have a better output so i can use this freeware for my designs.



Re: RFplanner pixilated Generated drawing

Hey, which version of VisualRF are  you using? I know the latest version is browser based and heavily realiant on Java as well. Have you tried a different browser or re-installing Java and VisualRF? Also try clearing your temporary internet files and %temp% as well since this sometimes helps.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: RFplanner pixilated Generated drawing

Hi Zalion,


I am using the latest (version8), i also tried using older version (7). When i lunch the RFplanner it always open IE browser so thats what i always use for RFplanner only.. And yes my Java is recent as far as i know my last update was just last month.


I have no problem with the GUI of the RFplanner, all are really working properly. What i find distorted is the heatmap when i generate the BOM already


see link i created for the comaprison of the GUI heatmap(very good) vs BOM heatmap(pixilated)




Thank you

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